Ndukong Godlove Nfor was born 24 October 1983, in Douala and is commonly known by his stage name Jovi. He is fast becoming the poster boy for Cameroon hiphop. He is a rapper, songwriter, sound engineer, entrepreneur and record producer – under the pseudonym Le Monstre. (Jovi the rapper and Le Monstre the producer.) Jovi graduated from University of Yaoundé II (Soa), with a BA Hons in Economics and Business Management and released his debut album (Humanity is Vanishing) which was described by Kangsen Feka Wakai in Bakwa magazine as “the long awaited arrival of a self-assured emcee very conscious of his abilities, the vacuum in the genre, his audience’s expectations, and the right dose of hustle to assert his place.”

The Cameroon music industry has remained conventional for a very long time with genres like, Makossa and Bukutsi dominating the musical scene. Jovi’s first single ‘Don 4kwat’, followed by ‘Pitié’, featuring Congolese musician Tabu Ley Rochereau, released under Mumak record label, which he co-founded, is part of a new wave of musical content in Cameroon. “Don 4 Kwat” received heavy airplay on Trace TV and Channel O, his second single, “Pitié” featuring Tabu Ley Rochereau, stayed on the charts for months on pan-African BBC’s Destination Africa hosted by DJ Edu, staying in the top 5 at its peak.

Jovi produces all his records, and is renowned for his compelling fusion of traditional hip hop, classic Cameroon/ African, sounds and instruments with new contemporary sounds. Jovi’s lyrics, like many other Cameroonian musicians, use the hybrid language called francanglais (a fusion of French, English and Pidgin-English lingo). Le Monstre produces beats for all the artist in New Bell Music as well as for international artists.Jovi’s team consist of director, Ndukong Bertrand Nwang, who is also his younger brother and the owner of February 16 Production Company is responsible for all the art work and videography on the H.I.V album and also Jovi’s current projects.

In May 2012, Jovi left Mumak record label to launch New Bell Music, with Rachell Applewhite. The record label’s mission statement is, “We love music, and we aim to bring you the most unique artists from Cameroon, Africa, and around the world…“Le trou noir”– There is space for everybody.”. Both Jovi and Applewhite are signed to their label New Bell Music. Other artist signed to New Bell are: Reniss,Shey and Pascal.

Recently, the Cameroon musician Jovi shared some photos on his Instagram with the hashtags ‘February 16th’; a video director and the one who has directed all videos for New Bell Music and ‘Zele’ the title of one of his newest hits.

It is only presumptuous but smart to put two and two together and conclude that those photos were behind the scenes of the video shoot for ‘Zele’.

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